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FairPlay Engineering provides HR solutions on a No Cure No Pay basis.

Organizations requiring temporary or permanent staff may request FairPlay Engineering to assist with searching and selecting qualified staff.  The request is free and without any obligation.  FairPlay Engineering is used to communicating directly with the (i) company or engineering director (ii) department heads and (iii) HR departments.

After your request we will start to work on your query with the resources available: (i) competent recruiters, (ii) our own database with over 20.000 professionals of which 60% are from the Netherlands (iii) membership of some jobboards and (iv) internet facilities like networking and social websites.

We always appreciate regular communication between our organizations, especially with new customers in the initial phase. This avoids disappointments with respect to vacancy fulfilment expectations on both sides.

In case we find suitable candidates we will make a proposal in line with the request. This proposal can be followed up with a telephone or face to face interview and if all is satisfactory a decision to proceed with getting the employee on board for the job.

In case of HR constraints: Contact FairPlay Engineering:

+31 23 5583710        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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